To take the simplicity Galaxy is known for to the next level, we created Galaxy CloudMan - a comprehensive manager for configuring, managing, and controlling cloud resources that allow anyone to, for a modest cost and in a matter of minutes, gain access to a compute cluster with Galaxy installed and configured. CloudMan handles all aspects of infrastructure procurement and management, allowing the user to focus on analysis. Currently, CloudMan allows you to create a compute cluster on Amazon Web Services cloud with nothing more than a web browser. Once created, you can control the size of your cluster (manually or automatically via autoscaling), customize the tools and/or configuration settings, as well as share your customized instance with others. Instance customization and sharing allow you to use CloudMan as a platform where you can test and easily make your own tools accessible to others with minimum effort. Once the need for your cluster diminishes, you can simply terminate the cluster while your data and configurations will be preserved until the next time you need it. Moreover, all of the components and configurations CloudMan utilizes are automated, ensuring complete reproducibility.