Enis Afgan: Associate Research Scientist working on cloud and distributed computing.

Dannon Baker: Software Engineer working on cloud computing for genomics research.

Dave Clements: Training and outreach coordinator for the Galaxy Project.

Peter DeFord: PhD student in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology, and Biophysics program. Machine learning approaches for prediction of cis regulatory modules (CRMs) and computational analysis of CRM structure.

German Uritskiy: PhD student in the CMDB program at Johns Hopkins, co-mentored by Dr. Jocelyne DiRuggiero. Works on computational approaches to metagenome analysis of extremophile microbial communities in Atacama desert, Chile.

Carl Eberhard: Software Engineer.

Mallory Freeberg: Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on computational approaches towards understanding protein:RNA interactions.

Michael E. Gehring Sauria: Assistant Research Scientist working on computational approaches inferring chromatin structure.

Sam Guerler: Associate Research Scientist working on data visualization.

Mo Heydarian: Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on developing tools for interrogating local chromatin environments and user based outreach for the Galaxy Project.

James Taylor: Ralph S. O'Connor Associate Professor of Biology, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Principal Investigator.

Nitesh Turaga: Software Engineer.


Olgert Denas: PhD Student in Computer Science. Computational identification of cross-species gene transfer, comparative genomics of transcription factor binding. Now at Adobe Research.

Jeremy Goecks: Postdoctoral Researcher 2009-2013. Frameworks for supporting computational science and on computational approaches to improve gene expression analysis. Now Assistant Professor, George Washington University.

Jennifer E. Phillips-Cremins: Postdoctoral researcher (with Victor Corces) 2009-2012. Now Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania.

Karen Hovsepian: Postdoctoral researcher 2009-2011. Now Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Troy University

Kanwei Li: Software Engineer, 2009-2011.

Rotation Students: Lanikea King 2009, Caitlin Anderson 2014, Peter DeFord 2014.