updated April 2014

The Taylor Lab in the Biology at Johns Hopkins University (as of January 1st 2014) is looking for ambitious individuals to fill multiple software engineering positions working on the Galaxy project. Galaxy is a software framework that (a) enables researchers to store, analyze, visualize and share genomic data and (b) provides genomic tool developers with the ability to deploy their tools within a complete analysis framework. Thousands of researchers worldwide use Galaxy on a daily basis. Galaxy is an open source project committed to the openness of scientific enterprise and is free for all.

Our project has active projects in many areas. Current areas of expertise sought include:

  • Distributed computing and systems programming. We are engaged in the development of workflow systems, cloud computing based solutions, and other projects involving high performance and data intensive computing.

  • Web-based visualization and visual analytics. We are building novel interactive visualizations of next-generation sequence data that leverage cutting edge web technologies.

  • Informatics and data analysis and integration. We build and use tools to analyze large datasets generated by high-throughput sequencing of DNA to understand genomes and genome function.

  • Bioinformatics application areas such as re-sequencing, de novo assembly, metagenomics, transcriptome analysis and epigenetics.

However, regardless of area of expertise we seek talented, self-motivated individuals to join our team. Galaxy is developed in an academic research environment, and members of the Galaxy team work closely with experimentalists on projects at the leading edge of data-intensive biological research.

Python is the primary implementation language for the Galaxy framework. Galaxy's primary user interface is web-based, and makes substantial use of JavaScript, canvas, and other modern web technologies. Many of the analysis components of Galaxy are performance critical, implemented largely in C, C wrapped in Python, or other languages as appropriate.

Note that these are full time positions located in Baltimore MD -- we cannot take on contractors at this time.