Galaxy For Interactive Visual Analysis

Trackster and Sweepster enable visual parameter tuning for RNA-seq analyses and other genomic analyses.

Posted by Jeremy Goecks on November 20th 2012

Two articles on analysis of parasitoid wasp venomes

featuring an approach for combining RNA-seq and mass spectrometry to identify peptides in dissected venom gland lumen.

Posted by James Taylor on May 23rd 2013

High resolution mapping of 3D chromatin structure

Cell paper on fine scale 3D organization is mouse ES/NPC cells, features our methods for deriving sensitive high-resolution maps of 3D chromatin structure from 5C datasets.

Posted by James Taylor on May 25th 2013

Moving from Emory to Johns Hopkins University

As of January 1st 2014 James and the lab will move to the Department of Biology and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

Posted by James Taylor on October 31st 2013

Managing and disseminating tools and data in Galaxy

Two new papers describe the Galaxy ToolShed and Data Managers.

Posted by James Taylor on March 12th 2014

Welcome Enis Afgan to the lab

Enis Afgan, cloud and distributed computing expert, had joined the lab as an Associate Research Scientist as of July 2014.

Posted by James Taylor on July 1st 2014

Two articles at Supercomputing 2014

were published (1) describing a Galaxy federation model and (2) providing an overview of the current Big Data analysis tools.

Posted by Enis Afgan on November 13th 2014

Mouse ENCODE Consortium Papers out

comprehensive mapping and comparison of functional genomic data in human and mouse.

Posted by James Taylor on November 19th 2014

Being a part of the open source community

means participating and contributing to Sprints, Hackathons and Codefests – a process now captured in a paper.

Posted by Enis Afgan on November 27th 2014

Genome-wide comparative analysis reveals human-mouse regulatory landscape and evolution

Our comprehensive analysis of exaptation of regulatory elements is now published in BMC Genomics.

Posted by James Taylor on February 17th 2015

Two articles published at MIPRO 2015

capturing work on multi-cloud support for Galaxy on the Cloud and on expanding the adoption of Big Data in bioinformatics.

Posted by Enis Afgan on May 25th 2015