Two new articles in collaboration with Todd Schlenke’s lab on wasp venoms were published this week. The first, “Integrative Approach Reveals Composition of Endoparasitoid Wasp Venoms” in PLoS ONE describes an approach for combining RNA-seq and mass spectrometry to identify peptides in dissected venom gland lumens, allowing the discovery of many new venom proteins in L. boulardi and L. heterotoma The second, “Parasitoid Wasp Venom SERCA Regulates Drosophila Calcium Levels and Inhibits Cellular Immunity” in PNAS uses this approach to describe the venoms of Ganaspis sp.1 (G1), a previously uncharacterized Drosophila parasitoid species. Using this characterization demonstrates plasmatocyte cytoplasmic calcium bursts as an important aspect of fly cellular immunity.