Harnessing cloud computing with Galaxy Cloud.

Afgan E, Baker D, Coraor N, Goto H, Paul IM, Makova KD, Nekrutenko A, Taylor J.
Nature Biotechnology. November 2011; 29:972–974
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Continuing evolution of DNA sequencing has transformed modern biology. Lower sequencing costs coupled with novel sequencing-based assays have led to rapid adoption of next-generation sequencing across diverse areas of life sciences research1, 2, 3, 4. Sequencing has moved out of the genome centers into core facilities and individual laboratories where any investigator can access it for modest and progressively declining cost. Although easy to generate in tremendous quantities, sequence data are still difficult to manage and analyze. Sophisticated informatics techniques and supporting infrastructure are needed to make sense of even conceptually simple sequencing experiments, let alone the more complex analysis techniques being developed. The most pressing challenge facing the sequencing community today is providing the informatics infrastructure and accessible analysis methods needed to make it possible for all investigators to realize the power of high-throughput sequencing to advance their research…